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Fruit of MIP – Raymond Bettis

What is the fruit of the MIP? Raymond Bettis, state MIP coordinator of Midlands, tells his story. I have been the director of the MIP for six years. What a great blessing the students have been to me over the years. The students desire to learn, to inquire, and dig deeply into God’s Word,

Fruit of MIP – Raymond Bettis2019-05-06T07:40:43-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Mark Cary

What is the fruit of the MIP? Mark Cary, state MIP coordinator of Virginia, tells his story. I have been involved with the Ministerial Internship Program since coming through it as an intern in the 1990—1991 term. There are vivid memories etched in my mind from the sessions that were conducted by the members

Fruit of MIP – Mark Cary2019-05-06T07:30:41-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Lillian Turnipseed

What is the fruit of the MIP? Lilian Turnipseed, state MIP coordinator for Southern New England, tells her story. Serving as a MIP Coordinator has been one of my most rewarding experiences. I could not have imagined how my life would be impacted by my interactions with some of the choice vessels of God—candidates

Fruit of MIP – Lillian Turnipseed2019-04-29T18:26:44-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Jeremiah Wilson

What is the fruit of the MIP? Jeremiah Wilson, State MIP coordinator of Missouri, tells his story. My wife and I have had the privilege to serve as MIP coordinators in Missouri for four years. This ministry opportunity is truly one of the highlights in leadership within the Church of God. Under the guidance

Fruit of MIP – Jeremiah Wilson2019-04-22T08:19:39-05:00

Fruit of MIP – James Douglas

What is the fruit of the MIP? James Douglas, state MIP coordinator in Heartlands, tells his story This is my first year serving as the MIP coordinator for the Heartland Region. As a first-time coordinator, I’ve observed a few things. First, I have been blessed to watch this group of interns grow in their

Fruit of MIP – James Douglas2019-04-22T08:15:27-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Kipp Penrod

What is the fruit of the MIP? Kipp Penrod, state MIP coordinator of Pennsylvania, tells his story. Every year of MIP is filled with new experiences, new people, and new ideas, and this year has been no different. As the state coordinator for Pennsylvania, I'm always amazed by the diverse groups of people, individual talent,

Fruit of MIP – Kipp Penrod2019-04-22T07:52:09-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Ellis Fortune

What is the fruit of the MIP? Ellis Fortune, state MIP coordinator in Michigan, tells his story. “Breaking” and “building”—these are two words that I would choose to define the Ministerial Internship Program. As both a former candidate and now state coordinator, I have experienced this happening in my own life, and now I have

Fruit of MIP – Ellis Fortune2019-04-22T07:54:07-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Jimmy Dickens

I was in the second MIP class (1979–1980). I had been in the Church of God for only a couple of years. MIP enabled me to really identify with the church, as well as help train me as a minister. I had a greater appreciation for the traditions and history of the church. I

Fruit of MIP – Jimmy Dickens2019-04-10T08:57:34-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Randle Frashier

What is the fruit of the MIP? Randle Frashier, state MIP coordinator in North Georgia, tells his story. It has been my privilege to serve as supervising pastor for some great young ministers. Many of them are now serving as senior pastors. It's very rewarding to see their success in ministry. It's been my

Fruit of MIP – Randle Frashier2019-04-08T07:46:46-05:00

Fruit of MIP – Jay Pepin

What is the fruit of the MIP? Jay Pepin, state MIP coordinator in Minnesota, tells his story. MIP has been such a great experience for me and my family over the years!  Starting with my wife, Michelle and I, going through the program together many years ago, to our son completing the program, to

Fruit of MIP – Jay Pepin2019-04-01T14:45:03-05:00

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