What is the fruit of the MIP?

Randle Frashier, state MIP coordinator in North Georgia, tells his story.

It has been my privilege to serve as supervising pastor for some great young ministers. Many of them are now serving as senior pastors. It’s very rewarding to see their success in ministry. It’s been my honor to serve in North Georgia, helping to train ministers and prepare them for ministry for thirty years. Serving now as the state MIP and CAMS coordinator and chairman of the board for credentials gives me the opportunity to enjoy working with preparing ministers on many different levels. Seeing ministers go from CAMS to Ordained Bishop is very rewarding. The time invested in other lives to me extends your own life. As long as ministers continue to minister that we helped, we are still ministering. On many occasions, I’ve had ministers come to me and share how much they enjoyed the training we were able to offer and how it changed their life. We look forward to the next class that is coming to us.