What is the fruit of the MIP?

Lilian Turnipseed, state MIP coordinator for Southern New England, tells her story.

Serving as a MIP Coordinator has been one of my most rewarding experiences. I could not have imagined how my life would be impacted by my interactions with some of the choice vessels of God—candidates and supervising pastors. I have grown spiritually and professionally.

Witnessing men and women eagerly desire to increase their knowledge of the Scriptures and their understanding of the practices of ministry has been fulfilling. I have been blessed to observe these graduates faithfully serving in ministry.

MIP has provided opportunities for the participants to forge meaningful relationships. Each month when we gather for the seminars, I am impressed by the collaboration, the prayers, and the concerns that the students have for each other. Fortunately, these connections extend beyond the MIP experience. I have also developed lifetime relationships and an appreciation for the candidates and supervising pastors. For 40 years MIP has been one of the jewels of the Church of God.