I was in the second MIP class (1979–1980). I had been in the Church of God for only a couple of years. MIP enabled me to really identify with the church, as well as help train me as a minister. I had a greater appreciation for the traditions and history of the church. I also developed relationships and friendships that have lasted a lifetime. The highlight was my first trip to Cleveland for the Commissioning service.
Now I serve as a state coordinator and supervising pastor. I try to help my interns gain a personal touch with the Church of God. The fact that I had classes with many of the instructors they watch on the DVDs helps. I also try to help them think like a minister, both theologically and practically.
I have been doing this for 19 years now. I have made many memories with my students. I especially cherish seeing them serve as successful ministers in their own right. They tell me they enjoyed the experience even when I challenged them. That gives me one of the greatest memories I have in my life. I thank God for the opportunity to have been involved in MIP.