What is the fruit of the MIP?
Jeremiah Wilson, State MIP coordinator of Missouri, tells his story.
My wife and I have had the privilege to serve as MIP coordinators in Missouri for four years. This ministry opportunity is truly one of the highlights in leadership within the Church of God. Under the guidance of our state bishop, we have assembled a team of pastors who serve faithfully on our MIP Board. These men of varied ages serve in different capacities in their respective churches. This dynamic has been a help to our students and gives them a complete picture of ministry, which has afforded them the opportunity to grow exponentially.
It is always a pleasure to watch our team invest in the students and see relationships grow within ministry.
The blessings from serving in this position are many. It is wonderful to connect with upcoming ministers and give them ministry tools that will help them have a long and fruitful ministry. We have watched seven ministry couples complete MIP and accept lead pastorates, one couple became full-time missionaries to Samoa, as well as several others who became staff members in churches where their gifts and callings are being used for the Kingdom. The ministry of Missouri is strong and the development of our future is promising.
Thank you, Don Bennett, and your team, for having a heart for ministers and ministry within the Church of God. Your willingness to continually look forward and develop the MIP program is inspirational. May the Lord continue to bless the MIP program in equipping ministers to serve faithfully within their calling!