What is the fruit of the MIP?

Jay Pepin, state MIP coordinator in Minnesota, tells his story.

MIP has been such a great experience for me and my family over the years!  Starting with my wife, Michelle and I, going through the program together many years ago, to our son completing the program, to bringing leaders through as a supervising pastor, and now coordinating the program for our state. I have seen the great things this program brings into the lives of ministry leaders and churches!  To have such a hands on program that walks an individual or couple through nearly every aspect of ministry learning and involvement, is such a gift for developing leaders!  The aspects of MIP that we are most excited about is excellence of the program from easy to use training materials and assistance from DOE. The wide scope it covers in assisting people in what they really feel called to do.  Also, how it develops not just one individual or couple but brings strength and anointing into a church as the local congregation embraces this journey!  There is so much life and goodness that is produced through the MIP and the other great credentialing and ministry programs offered by the Church of God!  Thank you for allowing me to share in such a great discipleship plan!  It really is helping us FINISH the Great Commission!